Real-time infectious disease modelling seminars

We run a monthly virtual seminar focussing on real-time modelling of infectious disease with the primary aim of connecting between different silos of knowledge (i.e. between mathematical modellers, statisticians, decision-makers, epidemiologists, and others).

This takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at 3pm UK time with recordings posted a week later on our community site alongside any discussion of the seminar.

We generally aim to fill the scheduled hour with talks ranging from 20-40 minutes followed by questions and community discussion.

You can see a list of scheduled speakers here. If interested in speaking yourself, or in helping to organise this seminar series, please reach out to Sam Abbott or Kelly Charniga (the current organisers).

Please do attend if interested in the real-time modelling of infectious disease.

Connect to seminars

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Upcoming and previous seminars

Seminar recordings

When possible we record seminars and post the recordings to YouTube. You can find a playlist of all the recordings here.