Katelyn Gostic - CFA: A new center at the US CDC focused on building response-ready modeling tools


June 7, 2023

On Wednesday the 7th of June at 2pm UK time Katelyn Gostic will be introducing the new US CDC Centre for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics (CFA). More details to follow

Katelyn is the nowcasting and natural history team lead within the real-time analysis branch of the Predict arm of the new CFA centre. Prio to this they had a McDonnell Foundation Complex Systems Fellowship in the Cobey lab researching immune processes that allow such biases in immune memory to develop. They also took part in the US COVID-19 response including writing an influential paper “Practical considerations for measuring the effective reproductive number”. You can read more of Kateyln’s work here.

A recording of this talk will be posted to our community site a week after it is scheduled to take place. You can also ask questions ahead of time and asynchronously there.

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